Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Week 4 Post 1

Website 1:

  • There are so many words that pop up, I didn't know what to look at first. My eyes were first directed to the right side which is some information about them and how to contact them. Their pictures are bundled together on the home page. They have so many buttons on the left side, which leads to different picture of their products. The header color is to bright for the name of the company color, I was having a hard time finding the name of the company because it didn't stand out from the green.
  • They need organization. They could have fewer buttons by narrowing it down to the main categories, then they can add sub categories. Instead of putting all the information about the products on the home page they could have it on a page of products or put it in the gallery it belongs to. They can change the coloring to darker tone than the neon colors they have. These changes would help the website be organized, the pictures and information will be in the category it belongs too, and the colors would not clash.

Website 2:

  • My eyes did not know what to look at first they were debating between the big red name or the moving words. There are a lot of buttons that lead to other pages. The colors are all over the place, they have a lot of bright colors on their pages.
  • They can do one eye catching spot that is the main focus instead of having two eye catching spots. To organize the buttons they can put a few main categories then add subcategories to those. On the P6 page they have a statement that is blue and it is hard to see on the black so I would change that to a different shade or color. Some of the pages look good they have a background color then wording in a color that goes and can be seen.

Website 1:

  • They have a nice simple home page, the header is is a nice cool tone with the logo and wording in white. There is a video that catches your attention and if you scroll down there is a paragraph with a thank you not with some information about them. The tabs are simple but they have what a customer needs to find.
  • They pick colors that go together; the teal has a soothing feel to it. It is simple and easy to direct. I get all the information I need, I can see who I could have do my hair and see the price of what I would get.

Website 2:

  • They have their products in categories. When you click not the categories you have subcategories. The colors are simple and make the products pop out. The home page has the newest product on top then as you go down its other new products that were released before.
  • The design matches their brand, a lot of their products are basic colors and so is their website. Their font is simple and precise. It is easy to navigate through the website, they have a search button to find the exact product you are looking for. It is organized so you can look at the differences of a certain product.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Week 3 Part 2

1. Emily Gethke Photography

     She uses instagram more than her website, she posts to Instagram daily. Her website just has a slideshow of some of her images and only has a 2018 section. She used to have a facebook page but it is no longer up.

2. Clara Bella Photo

     This company is very active on all social media. Their website is more like a blog each post has multiple pictures and some wording with the pictures, they post about every 2 days on their website. They do use instagram the most, and post daily and use their story about daily. They are very consistent with Pinterest as well. On Facebook they do not post everyday about once a week and they sometimes do multiple posts a day. For Twitter they don't have a set schedule sometimes they post everyday of three times a day.

3. My little umbrella

      She is active a lot on her instagram but she does not just post photographs she also posts outfit inspiration. For Facebook she posts four times a week and it is the same as Instagram, it includes photographs she took and outfit inspiration. Her Pinterest is her personal one and includes a board of her photographs.

4. Callie Beth Photo

       Very active on social media. She does senior, wedding, and family photo shoots. On her website she has a blog section and a gallery that goes to another page and has the images in categories. Her Pinterest is a personal one with some boards on photography ideas. She does post daily to her facebook.

5.  Angela Wynn

      Her instagram is mixed with personal and business photographs. Some sections of her website have not been updated in a few years. The recent post she did pops up right when you get to the website and you have to scroll down a bit to get the next posts.  On Facebook she posts twice a week whether it is pictures or a written post. Her Pinterest is her personal one where she has a board of her photographs.

     I am a photographer and had a little business that was growing but then I moved. I found these photographers that are around my area and some of the photoshoots I did. Majority of the photographers are senior photographers. Some do other photoshoots and some just focus on senior pictures.
       One photographer is a rodeo photographer. I have some friends that were in the rodeos and were working to get their pro-card, which caused me to try out photographing rodeos. I enjoy photographing the action and hope to get into it more. She is my favorite rodeo photographer and I love the different angles she gets in her photos.
     From analyzing these companies it made me realize how active they are on their social media. Them being active on social media shows they still have active business, some photographers stop posting and it makes me wonder if they are still doing photography. These companies do try to keep their websites updated often.
        Posting on social media helps people get discovered by who they tag. I have found some companies through locations they have tagged in their photos, products that have been tagged, and pins that have popped in my feed.

I have commented on the blogs of Christina Ayala, Michelle Jordan, and Latasha Cross.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Week 3 Part 1

      I had one experience I guess you can say it had some difficulty communicating, I emailed a photographer and they emailed back with a question and I responded to the question and they never responded.
       Social media does make it easier to get noticed because clients can tag your products in their posts and others who like the products will go to your page and possibly buy it. For example, clothing stores on instagram will get people to be pr for them and their followers will see the product and go to their page and follow and start shopping there. Also, if you have problem with a company you can post a comment and they will message you back to fix the problem you had. At my last job we had pictures with Santa and one family posted on the Facebook page about it being a bad experience. Our manager messaged her back and she came back and got to get a free package of pictures with picture she retook on that day.
        I haven't reached reached out to business through social media.
        If it was my own business I would see if I could have the client tell me what the problem was so I can have clear understanding of what the problem is. After listening to the customer tell me what was wrong I would see if I could offer a solution. If it is a positive comment I would comment back with a personal thank you comment.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Week 2 Part 2

I commented on Giuliana Lopez, Christina Ayala, and David Domicle blogs.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Week 2 Part 1

Snapchat seems like it is used more for personal use. People tend to post what they are doing in that exact moment or memories they have. The most that is being posted on here is concerts, dinners, travels, packages that are received, and how a person feels.

I think Instagram and Facebook are geared more towards business, they allow you tag locations, product companies, and clients in the photos so they reach a bigger audience. They both have business options with tips that help you understand how to promote more and how to get your marketing better. To promote your business you can pick what area you want to reach and the age group.

Instagram is used to work with both. Some people will post without tagging anything in their photos. You have the option to be a business or personal account and if you want it public or private.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019


Week 1:
I picked the theme Travel for my blog, because it seemed nice and simple. I changed the background image to marble and put some of the text colors as shades of red. I picked a bright red for the tile and changed the font to a cursive one, the other text have a darker shade of red and are in their original font.

Week 4 Post 1

Problems Website 1: There are so many words that pop up, I didn't know what to look at first. My eyes were ...